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The short answer is that we work with what we receive.  However, following the guide below will help.  These amounts are figured for our largest settings.  If you order more than one piece, just multiply to find the total you'll need to send.  All unused items are returned with your order.  Be sure to read additional information specific to the item you are sending.

  • Flowers in stainless settings: about 4-6 rose-size petals, 10 daisy-size petals, and whole flowers if small like button mums. (Send live flowers whole*)

  • Flowers for stones: about half of the above amounts.

  • Breastmilk: 2 tsp (10ml) 

  • Cremains: 1 tsp

  • Sand/dirt: 1 tsp

  • Fabric: 2 inch square

  • Hair: For cascade-style, only an inch is needed.  For longer syles such as loops, please provide a length of 2 inches and 1/8 inch in diameter.  Again, ultimately we use what we receive.

How Much Do I Send: Text
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