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European 3-Bead Necklace

European 3-Bead Necklace

Your item is preserved and molded into two beads with solid .925 silver cores. Decorative beads are included.


Send us your flowers, cremains, hair, breastmilk, fabric, etc. and we create your special piece. 

All items are handmade in our workshop and shipped back to you along with any unused materials.


Due to the artistic nature of these products please note that no two items will look identical, and some variation will occur with colors, petal placement, and overall composition depending on the materials you send.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss additional options please reach out to us either by phone or email.


Please note that returns are not accepted.



    - Avoid prolonged sunlight.  UV light can cause your jewelry to yellow or soften over time.  Store in a dark area to extend its integrity.

    - Avoid heat.  Resin is technically a form of plastic and heat can damage or diplace the stone from its setting.

    - Avoid sharp/abrasive objects.  Resin can be scratched and can be extremely difficult or impossible to repair.

    - Avoid submerging in water,  Resin is water-resistant, but not water-proof.  Please remove before showering, doing dishes, swimming, etc.

    - Avoid contact with lotions, chemicals, and fragrances.  they are detrimental to the life of your jewelry.

    - Use a jewelry cloth or microfiber to clean.  A mild soap can be used if necessary.


    Solid .925 Silver Bead Core


    Smooth Bead - .53in W x .53in Lx .30in D

    Faceted Bead - .50in W x .50in Lx .36in D

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